August 2014 | Algarve, Portugal

We started Voke in 2014 because we were both passionate about design and the beach. Since that Summer we have never stopped and all collections feel like the first. Our mutual passion for freedom, life, and the sea unites us.

Friends from the age of five, we inspire each other and our respect for our differences and aspirations is reflected in the brand, making it unique since the beginning. We were two young girls creating swimwear that represented the Summers we loved, inspired by, and in celebration of women.

More than a swimwear brand, Voke is the freedom to rock your own style and live by your rules. It is specially designed for confident women, with a savvy style, not afraid to stand out. Women who demand that their Swimwear be as fashion forward as their lifestyle

As a brand, we are committed to implementing more earth-friendly and responsible practices. We are proud of our commitment to supporting local businesses that allow us an end to end control from concept to production and proud that our swimwear is carefully handmade by local artisans through ethical production.

Inch by inch and seam by seam, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to bring you thoughtful pieces that are equal parts beauty, heart, and substance.

The aim is to design and manufacture our swimwear with greater care and to reduce our impact, generate awareness, and ask you, our lovely customer, to join us in taking action and holding us accountable.

with love

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